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##Changes for 1.3.0-beta1

  • BREAKING CHANGE: flashes now last the length of one non-resource request
  • BREAKING CHANGE: switched to the latest hiccup: form-helpers and page-helpers have been split apart. See for more details.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: clj-json has been replaced with cheshire.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: noir.util.middleware was removed as wrap-utf8 is done by default in ring.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: noir.util.s3 has been removed. See for a replacement.
  • Added noir.session/get! to have a destructive get like the old flashes
  • Added noir.server/wrap-route to wrap middleware around specific routes
  • Added noir.core/custom-handler* for adding dynamic route functions to the routing table.
  • Added noir.util.test/send-request-map for sending full ring maps
  • Refactored noir.server so that the jetty dependency can be excluded.
  • Refactored noir.response/* so that all functions compose
  • Fixed all generated content-types are utf-8

##Changes for 1.2.2

  • Added an argless form of (noir.validation/errors?) that returns all errors
  • Added the ability to define routes with vars
  • Refactored defpage to allow for better errors when a param is passed incorrectly
  • Refactored url-for to be more robust
  • Fixed s3 var being dynamic
  • Fixed an issue with utf-8 routes being encoded incorrectly
  • Moved to ring 1.0.1 and compojure 1.0.0
    • Fixes issue with no routes being loaded resulting in a 500
    • Fixes issue with file names containing spaces being unreachable

##Changes for 1.2.1

  • BREAKING CHANGE: (url-for) now takes a map of params instead of key-value pairs: (url-for foo {:id 2})
  • Changed noir.content.pages to noir.content.getting-started
  • Added noir.response/jsonp
  • Added :base-url option to noir.server so that you can run noir at different root urls
  • Added noir.session/swap! to do atomic updates to the session
  • Updated noir.content to be prettier/more informative
  • Fixed pre-route to use ANY by default
  • Fixed issue that cause complex pre-routes not work
  • Fixed a couple of doc strings to be clearer
  • Refactored the way noir.core parses urls for routes to be significantly simpler
  • Removed cssgen dependency
  • Moved to latest Ring

##Changes for 1.2.0

  • Refactored for Clojure 1.3.0 support
  • Refactored server to enable custom noir handler creation
  • Added url decoding for routes. (defpage "/hey how" ...) will work now.
  • Added noir.util.gae to get Noir up on Google App Engine
  • Added named routes
  • Added noir.request/ring-request
  • Added url-for to query named routes
  • Added noir.server/load-view-ns
  • Added a :resource-root option to the server
  • Added a :cookie-attrs option to the server
  • Added post-route
  • Added signed cookies
  • Added compojure-route and custom-handler to handle integration with other libs
  • Changed noir.validation/errors? will now return if any errors exist if no fields are supplied.
  • Fixed noir.validation/is-email? to use a better regex
  • Fixed and improved noir.util.s3
  • Fixed incorrect header setting for noir.response/xml
  • Fixed custom middleware preserves order
  • Fixed bugs in cookie handling that would cause incorrect retrieval
  • Fixed some issues with exceptions to make the 500 page more resilient
  • Moved to latest compojure/ring/hiccup
  • Added tons of tests

##Changes for 1.1.0

  • Added session/flash-put! and sesion/flash-get
  • Added alternative session storage via the :session-store server option
  • Removed dependency on contrib
  • Added defaults for session/get and cookies/get
  • Added gen-handler for interop with other ring-based libraries
  • Added test utilities under noir.util.test
  • Added noir.util.middleware
  • Moved to latest compojure/ring/hiccup
  • Added server/stop server/restart
  • Fixed bug where server/start wasn't returning a server object