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(ns noir.util.crypt
"Simple functions for hashing strings and comparing them. Typically used for storing passwords."
(:refer-clojure :exclude [compare])
(:import [org.mindrot.jbcrypt BCrypt]))
(defn gen-salt
(BCrypt/gensalt size))
(defn encrypt
"Encrypt the given string with a generated or supplied salt. Uses BCrypt for strong hashing."
;; generate a salt
([salt raw] (BCrypt/hashpw raw salt))
([raw] (encrypt (gen-salt) raw)))
(defn compare
"Compare a raw string with an already encrypted string"
[raw encrypted]
(BCrypt/checkpw raw encrypted))
(defn sha1-sign-hex [sign-key v]
"Using a signing key, compute the sha1 hmac of v and convert to hex."
(let [mac (javax.crypto.Mac/getInstance "HmacSHA1")
secret (javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec. (.getBytes sign-key), "HmacSHA1")]
(.init mac secret)
(apply str (map (partial format "%02x") (.doFinal mac (.getBytes v))))))