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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ Pinot includes a basic set of dom interaction pieces, including an implementatio
Pinot also includes `(defpartial)` like in Noir, however Pinot derives even greater advantage from it:
-(mac/defpartial todo [{:keys [done? text]}]
+(pm/defpartial todo [{:keys [done? text]}]
[:h2 t]
[:span {:class (when done? "done")}]])
@@ -116,15 +116,15 @@ Pinot also includes a set of functions for creating visualizations in the style
(ns playground.client.test
(:require [pinot.dom :as dom]
[pinot.draw.visualization :as vis])
- (:require-macros [pinot.macros :as mac]))
+ (:require-macros [pinot.macros :as pm]))
(def items (range 0 10))
;;For SVG we have to namespace our elements
-(mac/defpartial canvas []
+(pm/defpartial canvas []
[:svg:svg {:width 800 :height 400}])
-(mac/defpartial item [x]
+(pm/defpartial item [x]
[:svg:circle {:r (* 2 x)}])
(dom/append (dom/query "#wrapper")

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