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Powell Miscellaneous Functions for Teaching and Learning Statistics
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A package that includes functions that I find useful for teaching statistics as well as actually practicing the art. They typically are not “new” methods but rather wrappers around either base R or other packages and concepts I’m trying to master. Currently contains:

  • Plot2WayANOVA which as the name implies conducts a 2 way ANOVA and plots the results using ggplot2
  • PlotXTabs which as the name implies plots cross tabulated variables using ggplot2
  • newggslopegraph which creates a Tufte“esque” slopegraph using ggplot2
  • Mode which finds the modal value(s) in a vector of data
  • SeeDist which wraps around ggplot2 to provide visualizations of univariate data.
  • OurConf is a simulation function that helps you learn about confidence intervals


# Install from CRAN

# Or the development version from GitHub
# install.packages("devtools")


Online documentation and vignettes are located here.

Example Plot2WayANOVA plot

Example Plot2WayANOVA

Example PlotXTabs plot

Example PlotXTabs plot

Example newggslopegraph plot

Example newggslopegraph plot


Many thanks to Danielle Navarro and the book Learning Statistics with R.

“He who gives up safety for speed deserves neither.” (via)

Leaving Feedback

If you like CGPfunctions, please consider leaving feedback here.


Contributions in the form of feedback, comments, code, and bug reports are most welcome. How to contribute:

  • Issues, bug reports, and wish lists: File a GitHub issue.
  • Contact the maintainer ibecav at by email.
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