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Koko Analytics

License: GPLv3 Active installs Rating Lighthouse performance score

Koko Analytics is a simple, open-source, lightweight (< 850 bytes) and privacy-friendly website analytics plugin for WordPress.

It aims to be a simple replacement for Google Analytics that respects the privacy of your visitors. Nothing visitor specific is tracked, only aggregated counts.

You can view a live demo of Koko Analytics here.


  • No external services.
  • No personal information or anything visitor specific is tracked.
  • No cookies (optional).
  • Fast: Handles thousands of daily visitors or sudden bursts of traffic without breaking a sweat.
  • Lightweight: Adds less than 900 bytes of data to your pages.
  • Plug and play: After activating the plugin, stats are recorded right away.
  • Cached: Fully compatible with pages served from cache.
  • Open-source: GPLv3 licensed.
  • Translated: Fully translated into English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Croatian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Italian and Russian.

Screenshot of the Koko Analytics dashboard

Screenshot of the Koko Analytics dashboard. You can view a live demo here.



Note that these are minimum required versions. We recommend running an officially supported version of PHP.

  • WordPress 6.0 or higher.
  • PHP 7.3 or higher.

Installing latest stable release

You can download a pre-packaged version of Koko Analytics here:

After extracting this package into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory the plugin is ready to be used right away.

Installing latest development version

To run the latest development version of the plugin, take the following steps.

First, clone or download the repository into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory

git clone

Create the autoloader using Composer.

composer install

Install client-side dependencies using NPM.

npm install

Build the plugin assets by issuing the following command:

npm run build


Stats will be collected right away after you install and activate the plugin. You can view your stats on the Dashboard > Analytics page.

Help and documentation

The Koko Analytics knowledge base contains general help articles on effectively using the plugin.

We also have a repository of sample code snippets to help you modify or extend the plugin's default behavior.


You can contribute to Koko Analytics in many different ways. For example:


GNU General Public License v3.0