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MailChimp for WP Snippets

This is a repository of code snippets that help modify the default behaviour of the MailChimp for WordPress plugin & its add-ons.

Snippets are organized into categories (folders) and each snippet is placed in its own file with a name that describes what it does.

Using Snippets

Most files in this library contain code that you can add to the functions.php file of your active theme unless stated otherwise.

  1. Click on the filename of the snippet you'd like to use.
  2. Click the "Raw" button (next to "Blame" and "History") at the top right.
  3. Copy the code and add it to the end of the file named functions.php inside the folder of your activated theme: /wp-content/themes/your-theme/functions.php

Our knowledge base contains more information about adding code to your website

Proposing a Snippet

If you're looking to do something but are unable to find a snippet for it, please open a new GitHub issue and describe your need.


This is not a knowledge base. Please see the Knowledge base of the MailChimp for WordPress site if you're looking for instructions on how to implement these snippets (and others).

These snippets come with no guarantees. Due to the constant evolution of our codebase, it is possible that the behavior of these snippets may change overtime.

Find something broken? Please let us know!


Code snippets for MailChimp for WordPress & add-ons.



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