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@gchabert gchabert released this 02 Nov 17:18
· 887 commits to master since this release

Release notes v 2.6.2

Main changes

  • New Random implementation allow reproducibility, see #295
  • Minibex: allow functions to be declared before the "variables" block
  • [solver] MNF format: v2 (see details with --format)
  • Interval librairies: double rounding now always disabled, see #292
  • Timer: new thread-safe implementation, see #291
  • new implementation of SystemNormalize and SystemExtend, more clean and robust, see #275
  • [optim]: add "beamsearch" strategy (new cell buffer)
  • [optim]: "lsmear" is now the default bisection strategy

Minor changes

  • bug fix in solver plugin (--sols)
  • Fixing confusing orientation argument of Return, see #80
  • Fix issues #244, #265,