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@gchabert gchabert released this Nov 22, 2017 · 856 commits to master since this release

Release notes v 2.6.3

Main changes

  • Thread safety. Now the library is thread-safe (but not individual objects). This means that liking a multi-thread program with ibex is safe as long as threads do not share Ibex objects.
  • warning: Since MinGW does not support the thread API, thread safety under Windows is guaranteed except for constructors based on the parser: System / Function / NumConstraint.
  • [java] new plugin implementation (thread safe). The previous issue is handled by Choco via a synchronized method "build"
  • [solver] Fix bug in Manifold I/O v2

Minor changes

  • Compile Soplex with ZLIB under MinGW
  • Fix issues #298
  • Fix MacOS warnings
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