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@gchabert gchabert released this 19 Sep 17:57
· 700 commits to master since this release

Release notes v 2.7.0

I am pleased to announce this new release to Ibex developers, which will probably give them much more freedom and capabilities.

The main change is the introduction of the concept of "box properties". These properties basically allow you to enrich the basic structure of 'IntervalVector' (which will be kept simple like this forever) in an arbitrarily way. This way, you can communicate, in addition to the box itself, any kind of relevant data to operators like contractors, bisectors, cell buffers, loup finders, and so on.

The loss of efficiency due to this new architecture is often insignificant and, in any case, never exceeds 10% (except maybe for some benchmarks that are solved in less than 1s).

This is documented here:

Note: this has replaced the old (unofficial) 'Backtrackable' class.

Other changes

  • LinearizerXTaylor: The Hansen matrix (in place of the jacobian) is now also used for the restrictions. Seems to be better in practice (though not spectacular).

Minor changes

  • Fix memory bug in SystemMerge
  • Fix #38
  • Merged pull request #316