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Release notes v 2.7.3

Main changes

  • Generic operators: it is now possible to define your own operator (like "sin", "exp", etc.) and this operator is automatically integrated in the Minibex parser. It is easy to build an operator, which can be either unary or binary and scalar or with vector/matrix arguments. Several examples are given under the plugins/operator directory: the cardinal sine "sinc", the cross product of two vectors and the trace of a matrix. Just copy-paste one of these examples and make the appropriate change.
  • Fix performance issue of the release 2.7 which could actually be significantly slower than v2.6 (see #342 -in French-)
  • IbexOpt now accepts also AMPL files as input when ibex is compiled with --with-ampl

Minor changes

  • Waf update to 2.0.12
  • Fix of a bug which made IbexOpt crash with unconstrained systems on some platforms (MacOS)
  • Fix memory problem in System and leak in CtcAcid
  • Fix issue #328, #330, #338