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@gchabert gchabert released this May 21, 2019 · 437 commits to master since this release

Release notes v 2.8.1

Main changes

  • Ibex is now compatible with Soplex 3 (note: no backward compatibility with older releases of Soplex, including Soplex 1). The archive of ibex now contains Soplex 3.1.1.

  • [sip] new release (results submitted to EJOR)

  • [optim] feasible diving becomes default strategy

  • [optim] new loup finder based on duality. Advantage: the expansion point can be any point in the box (e.g., the midpoint or the argmin of the linear relaxation) instead of a corner as with the XTaylor linearizer. Though, this loup finder is not used by default by ibexopt (seems not making a substantial difference in practice).

  • [optim] new variant of Lsmear, robust to the problem of inactive constraints, see #344

  • System::minibex() function to generate minibex code of a system

Other changes

  • new "sum" operator in Minibex, see #362

  • Problems with Python 3 fixed

  • [optim] bug fix in monotonicity analysis, see 850f804

  • [optim]: new option to desactivate anticipated upper bounding

  • Fixes: #358, bug in Kernel.cpp (f93bc4f) and inflating Newton (98cbc09)

  • Reintroducing Function::used(int), see 850f804

In progress

  • Bug fix and improvements in first-order conditions operators (PdcFirstOrder,FncKhunTucker)
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