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Ibis tutorial/demo materials


Make sure you have VirtualBox, Anaconda, and Ibis installed. Run

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cloudera/ibis-notebooks/master/setup/bootstrap.sh | bash

to download the ibis-notebooks repositories and the pre-built VirtualBox image to get you started.

First time user?

Here's instructions for bootstrapping an Ibis environment, replete with the ability to use these IPython notebooks, from scratch.

First, download the Anaconda installer for your platform (this will even work on Windows):


Navigate to where this was downloaded and run something like

$ bash Anaconda-2.1.0-Linux-x86_64.sh

Do not use sudo. Accept the license. I recommend using $HOME/anaconda as the installation folder.

$HOME/anaconda/bin needs to be added to your system path. You can let the installer do this for you or do it yourself. Start a new shell and verify you're running Anaconda Python:

$ ipython
Python 2.7.9 |Anaconda 2.1.0 (64-bit)| (default, Dec 15 2014, 10:33:51)
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

IPython 2.2.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
Anaconda is brought to you by Continuum Analytics.
Please check out: http://continuum.io/thanks and https://binstar.org
?         -> Introduction and overview of IPython's features.
%quickref -> Quick reference.
help      -> Python's own help system.
object?   -> Details about 'object', use 'object??' for extra details.

In [1]:

Now, time to install Ibis.

$ pip install ibis-framework

Or, if you have a git clone, run

$ python setup.py install

Now, you're in business. Fire up the IPython notebook here by writing:

$ ipython notebook

Start with the stuff in basic-tutorial. Assumes access to an Impala server with the standard functional and TPC-H test datasets are available. You will almost certainly need to change the connection details.