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instiki-cli is a tiny tool to edit Instiki wikis using a local editor. Use it like this:

$ export INSTIKI_AUTHOR="Emmy Noether"
$ instiki-cli
* Changes will be signed as "Emmy Noether".
* Fetching done.
* Waiting for changes, go edit file "Sandbox" or abort with ^C...

…time passes…

--- /dev/stdin  2016-03-26 17:41:12.383587226 +0100
+++ Sandbox     2016-03-26 17:41:12.195587230 +0100
@@ -1005,4 +1005,4 @@
 * item2
 * item3
 * item4
-* item70000
+* item5
* Accept (y/n)? y
* Saving changes... done.

…the cycle continues…

* Fetching done.
* Waiting for changes, go edit file "Sandbox" or abort with ^C...

I wrote the tool specifically to be able to edit the nLab more comfortably, but instiki-cli should work with any Instiki installation. It's for editing single entries only and cannot be used to mirror a wiki (or even keep it synchronized).


  • Pushing to the wiki is triggered by saving the file.
  • instiki-cli shows a diff of the local changes and asks for confirmation before pushing. That way unintended changes like accidental truncations of the file don't find their way to the wiki.
  • Before pushing changes, instiki-cli checks whether the entry on the wiki has changed in the meantime and aborts if that's the case.


  • Perl 5 and some Perl modules. On Debian-based distributions, these can be installed using apt-get install libfile-slurp-perl libhtml-parser-perl libhttp-cookies-perl libhttp-message-perl libwww-perl.
  • Node or some other interpreter for JavaScript. Use apt-get install nodejs on Debian-based distributions and ensure that /usr/bin/js points to /usr/bin/node.
  • The standard Unix tool diff.


[Check exactly how similar using It's All Text! in combination with emacsclient is.]

Working with terminal multiplexers like screen

The following simple-minded script starts instiki-cli in the current screen window and opens the editor in a new window as soon as the entry has been downloaded.


wikidir=~/wiki  # change to your needs

screen bash -c '
    file="`basename "$1"`"
    echo "* Waiting for \"$file\" to become available..."

    cd "$0"
    while :; do
        sleep 0.1
        [ -e "$file" ] && break

    vim -c "set tw=0" "$file"
' "$wikidir" "$1"

cd "$wikidir"
instiki-cli "$1"

Security considerations

  • instiki-cli creates (or overwrites) a file in the current directory. Therefore you shouldn't run instiki-cli on untrusted input.
  • Also you shouldn't run instiki-cli on untrunsted wikis, as it executes arbitrary JavaScript code supplied by the wiki. A small effort to ensure that it can't do uncontrolled input/output is made, but as there doesn't seem to be a safe way of sandboxing JavaScript code from inside node (compare with these discussions on GitHub), you shouldn't rely on this. In any case, the JavaScript code can hog your CPU and memory.


instiki-cli was written for my personal use. It is not polished in any way.


You can (and are invited to) use, redistribute and modify instiki-cli under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3 or (at your option) any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.


Tiny tool to edit Instiki wikis locally






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