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  - Open Badges Server

This is the BadgeOne server platform: a self-hosted platform to award your own institution's open badges. The open badges you create and earn with this server are conformant to the Open Badges Technical specifications 1.1 (May 2015).

This software was developed by IBL Studios Education, with GW Professor Lorena A. Barba in an advisory role, and with financial and technical support from edX.

The project has its origins in the first integration of open badges in the Open edX platform, in November 2014.

The software is free for any site administrator to download, install and use, under a GPL 3 license.

OpenBadges specifications


  • PHP > 5.3.9 (php5-mysql, php5-json, php-gettext) (Recommended > php 5.4.0)
  • MySQL 5.x (PDO connections are used with php5)
  • Apache2.4 server (you could use Nginx; remember to configure the options properly)
  • mod_rewrite (to protect certain directories with .htaccess files)
  • Certain directories require write permissions (defined in installation process)

Prepare Installation:

  • Create your database and user, and grant privileges.
  • Load the main database. The SQLdump file is provided under sql/badgeone_sql_model.dump.
  • Configure your VirtualHost (absolute domain or subdomain). Sample: virtualhost/apache-2.4-sample.conf.
  • The server, API and OAuth platform files are given under the www/ directory. Place the contents in the path you have defined for your VirtualHost.

Install and configure the Badges Server:

  • Before releasing your server to the public, you will need to correctly configure your database connection and your institution's data.
  • Request this page with a browser: http://_your_badges_server_uri_/install.php.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions defined on install.php. The installation page will guide you to perfom the changes on the configuration's parameters and set directory permissions correctly.
  • The last step allows you to create the admin user. Remember to change the default password when you access for the first time (default password: admin123).
  • Important! Remove the install.php file when you finish your installation.

Server API Documentation

About OAuth2

Special Thanks

  • Professor Lorena A. Barba advised IBL Studios on aspects like how educators might use open badges; the inter-relations between an open-source badge server, issuers and earners; the Open Badge Infrastructure standards; and the potential for open badges in MOOCs.