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Setting up Cloud Function Shell

Installing Shell

Shell is currently distributed through the Node package manager.

$ npm install -g @ibm-functions/shell

We recommend that you install the shell globally (npm install -g). If you prefer to keep the installation private to your workspace, you can add this line to your $HOME/.npmrc.


We also recommend using the Node.js installers, and installing npm v5 and node v8. If you're using npm v3.10.x you may encounter permissions issues. In this case, upgrade your npm and try again.

Using Shell with IBM Cloud Functions or Apache OpenWhisk

Currently, most Shell commands are for interacting with Apache OpenWhisk, an open source serverless cloud platform. You can setup Shell to communicate with IBM Cloud Functions which is based on OpenWhisk, or your own locally deployed OpenWhisk instance.

Note that if you are an exiting bx wsk or wsk CLI user, you should be able to run Shell right away. If you have never installed bx wsk or wsk CLI before, follow the instructions below to set up your environment:

Updating Shell

We roll out frequent updates and bug fixes. You can check for new releases via fsh version -u.

$ fsh version -u
You are currently on version x.y.z
Checking for updates... you are up to date!

We recommend updating the shell via the same npm install command shown earlier.