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Cloud Shell Developer Help

This document is intended to assist developers of the Shell.

Theming and Customization

You may choose to customize the branding and look of the Shell. A custom theme starts with a settings file. An example is provided in config/envs/ibm.json. This file indicates:

  • The name of your product, via the productName field. The header of the Shell breaks this down into a companyName, a productSubName, and a name for the tool itself, shellName. You will probably choose to define productName as the concatenation of these three sub-fields, but are free to choose otherwise.

  • The application icon: appIcon

  • A large format icon that will appear in the About window: largeIcon

  • The css theme file to use, cssTheme. Define this as the name of a file in content/css/themes, but specify only the base name, not the full path to this CSS theme file.

  • Optionally, you may set the User-Agent header that will be communicated to the OpenWhisk backend: userAgent