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List: support screen reader for transition lists #59

wkeese opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Lists like this (see #51), must be usable from a screen reader:

  1. Keyboard navigation to navigate between the items (hopefully up/down arrow, where each click goes to a new item). IIRC Jaws was interfering with the keyboard navigation last time we checked.
  2. Correct aria roles announced. Presumably each each focused point should be announced as "button". That's at least what IOS does.
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My point is that you need to rearchitect your code to be able to support this; it's not a question of "creating a sample". That's why I made a separate ticket.


Writing a sample equals implementing a use case, so that might effectively lead to update the code. But there is no issue for me until there is a failing test / failing sample, hence the association of this ticket to #51. I've developped the sample, the current issue being that the ViewStack component is not accessible: list items are correctly announced as buttons in the sample list, but once a transition is performed the user is not notified that the view has changed, and focus is not transfered to the new view.

@wkeese wkeese referenced this issue from a commit
@wkeese wkeese More workaround code for uhop/dcl#9,
fixes #59.
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