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TreeMap Custom Element
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dtreemap Build Status

This project provides a delite-based TreeMap widget.


No official release yet.


This is the former dojox/treemap project.

Migration steps from dojox/treemap to dtreemap:

  • replace any use of "dojox/treemap" AMD module path by "dtreemap"
  • replace any use of .dojoxTreeMapXSomething CSS classes by .dtreemap-xsomething
  • replace any use in markup of <div data-dojo-type="dojox/treemap/TreeMap" data-dojo-props="store: mystore"></div> by <d-treemap store="mystore"><d-treemap>


This project is distributed by the Dojo Foundation and licensed under the "New" BSD License. All contributions require a Dojo Foundation CLA.


This project requires the following other projects to run:

  • dojo
  • requirejs
  • delite
  • dcl
  • dcolor
  • dpointer
  • dstore


Bower release installation:

$ bower install dtreemap

Manual master installation:

$ git clone git://

Then install dependencies with bower (or manually from github if you prefer to):

$ cd dtreemap
$ bower install



  • Christophe Jolif (IBM CCLA)
  • Robert Dupuy (IBM CCLA)
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