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requirejs-dplugins Build Status

Set of AMD plugins for RequireJS. It contains the following plugins:


No official release yet.



This project is distributed by the Dojo Foundation and licensed under the "New" BSD License. All contributions require a Dojo Foundation CLA.


Bower release installation:

$ bower install requirejs-dplugins

Manual master installation:

$ git clone git://

Then install dependencies with bower (or manually from github if you prefer to):

$ cd requirejs-dplugins
$ bower install

When using the jQuery plugin, in order to be able to load jQuery modules, you must manually include jQuery into your app via bower install jquery or via a script tag (ex: <script src="">).


This plugin will load and wait for a css file. CSS loaded with this plugin can be overwritten by user-defined style sheet, using <link> or <style> tag.

See docs/ for documentation.


This plugin provides an extensible API to manage feature detection. It also implements the requirejs plugin api to provide conditional module loading.

See docs/ and samples/has.html for documentation and sample.


This plugin provides an API to handle string translation.

See docs/ and samples/i18n.html for documentation and sample.


This plugin loads the specified jQuery modules if they are not loaded already.

See docs/ for documentation.


This plugin allows to require modules that may or may not exist.

See docs/ and samples/maybe.html for documentation and sample.


This plugin provides an ES6 Promise implementation. If the browser does not provide ES6 Promise, it provides a shim.

See docs/ for documentation.

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