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Custom Functions Examples

In IBM Rational Integration Tester (RIT) has the ability to specify (business) logic in it's tests and stubs. This can be done using the various Actions. For detailed handling you can leverage the Action Function. In this Action you can specify logic with the ECMAscript language. RIT provides several additional function which makes the scripts more readable and maintainable. Due to the adhering of standards, leveraging Java, a user can implement his own Custom Functions.

This folder will have examples on various custom functions, furthermore it will also a separate project which show cases the power of these functions. That would 'bootstrap' new users.

The project started when customer demanded a specific function. This was first published at . All functions and features are now documented over here.

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Download and Install

There are three options to get the library with the custom functions:

  1. Download only the latest CustomFunctions.jar file.
  2. Download the RIT-Project.
  3. Download the RIT Coding Project.

All are documented here


The related documentation on the functions. A complete list of functions can be viewed here



This project is an example. It can be used on 'AS-IS' basis. The functions will change over time. Customer should download the code and adapt and maintain to their own standards.

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