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Example : echo

This example uses the echo example web service that is built into RTCP and includes:

  • A RIT project which contains a test to exercise the echo operation of the web service.

The integrated web service examples can be found at http://localhost:7819/RTCP/examples/. The echo web service provides an echo operation which simple returns any string it is sent. The definition of the service can be found here http://localhost:7819/RTCP/examples/echo/echoService/echo.wsdl. It is this definition that was used to create the test.

Post download instructions

After download of the Examples project the folder structure for the echo example is:

  • Unzip rit-projects/ This contains a RIT project echo.ghp

Basic usage

  • Start RIT
  • Select Open, then navigate to the echo/echo.ghp file
  • Go to "Test Lab" (F11)
  • Right click on test1
  • Test should execute 100% complete

Further reading