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Example : rtcp-rest-api

A collection of example applications which takes advantage of the RTCP REST API


An example applications which takes advantage of the Stubs REST API that is part of the Rational Test Control Panel and a simple report in text form containing information about the stubs available and running within the Rational Test Control Panel.


java -jar stub-reporter.jar
    Usage: RTCPUrl [Domain name,Environment name];*
    e.g.: http://localhost:7819/RTCP Domain Name1,Env1;Domain2,Env2

Usage example

  • To report on the domain "calculator" and environments "local" and "test" within that domain, for a server hosted on "myhost" the following command sytax would be used:

    java -jar stub-reporter.jar http://myhost:7819/RTCP calculator,local;calculator,test >calculator-stubs.xml