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This is a serverless function that moves data from a Cloudant database to an ElasticSearch cluster. Any adds/updates/deletes that happen on the Cloudant database are reflected in the ElasticSearch copy.



First we're going to need a Cloudant service. Sign up here and make a note of your Cloudant URL, which will be of the form:

Log into your Cloudant dashboard and create a new database.

Now we need to create an ElasticSearch instance. Sign up here, create a new user which should give you a URL of the following form:

ElasticSearch stores its documents two levels down from here. At the top level we have "indexes" and each index can have a number of "types" in it, so our full URL will have this form:

See Getting started with ElasticSearch on Compose for the full low-down.

We'll need your Cloudant and ElasticSearch credentials for the next stage when we deploy our serverless bridge. As a last step, ensure you have the bx wsk tool installed by following the instructions here.


Clone the code:

git clone
cd cloudant-es-bridge

Create some environment variables containing your Cloudant and ElasticSearch credentials:

export CLOUDANT_DB="esbridge"
export ELASTIC_URL=""

Then run the deployment script: