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Python for IBM Watson IoT Platform

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Python module for interacting with the IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Note: As of version 0.12, versions of Python less than 3.6 are not officially supported. Compatability with older versions of Python is not guaranteed.

Product Withdrawal Notice

Per the September 8, 2020 announcement IBM Watson IoT Platform (5900-A0N) has been withdrawn from marketing effective December 9, 2020. As a result, updates to this project will be limited.



Install the latest version of the library with pip

# pip install wiotp-sdk


Uninstalling the module is simple.

# pip uninstall wiotp-sdk

Legacy ibmiotf Module

Version 0.4.0 of the old ibmiotf pre-release is still available, if you do not wish to upgrade to the new version, we have no plans to remove this from pypi at this time, however it will not be getting any updates.


Supported Features

  • Device Connectivity: Connect your device(s) to Watson IoT Platform with ease using this library
  • Gateway Connectivity: Connect your gateway(s) to Watson IoT Platform with ease using this library
  • Application connectivity: Connect your application(s) to Watson IoT Platform with ease using this library
  • Watson IoT API: Support for the interacting with the Watson IoT Platform through REST APIs
  • SSL/TLS: By default, this library connects your devices, gateways and applications securely to Watson IoT Platform registered service. Ports 8883 (default) and 443 support secure connections using TLS with the MQTT and HTTP protocol. Support for MQTT with TLS requires at least Python v2.7.9 or v3.5, and openssl v1.0.1
  • Device Management for Device: Connects your device(s) as managed device(s) to Watson IoT Platform.
  • Device Management for Gateway: Connects your gateway(s) as managed device(s) to Watson IoT Platform.
  • Device Management Extensions: Provides support for custom device management actions.
  • Scalable Applications: Supports load balancing of MQTT subscriptions over multiple application instances.
  • Auto Reconnect: All clients support automatic reconnect to the Platform in the event of a network interruption.
  • Websockets: Support device/gateway/application connectivity to Watson IoT Platform using WebSocket

Unsupported Features


Client libraries and samples for connecting to IBM Watson IoT using Python 2.7 and 3.x




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