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International Business Machines

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  1. Automatically build your grid design’s CSS Grid code, CSS Flexbox fallback code, Sketch artboards, and Chrome extension.

    CSS 2.2k 109

  2. IBM Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkit For Linux. This toolkit is a Linux based Docker container that demonstrates computing on encrypted data without decrypting it! The toolkit ships with two de…

    C++ 1.1k 83

  3. A hybrid command-line/UI development experience for cloud-native development

    TypeScript 1.6k 135

  4. Cloud Native Starter for Java/Jakarta EE based Microservices on Kubernetes and Istio

    Shell 393 193

  5. Use Jupyter Notebooks to demonstrate how to build a Recommender with Apache Spark & Elasticsearch

    Jupyter Notebook 687 241

  6. Command Line Artificial Intelligence or CLAI is an open-sourced project from IBM Research aimed to bring the power of AI to the command line interface.

    Python 301 46