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Python support for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix

Python, DB-API, Django/Django_jython and SQLAlchemy components for IBM DB2 and Informix

Provides Python, Django and SQLAlchemy support for IBM DB2 and Informix

Table of contents



[Latest Updates](#latest updates)


[Contributing to the ibm_db python project](#contributing to the ibm_db python project)

Components (Python Eggs)

  1. The ibm_db Python Egg contains:

    • ibm_db driver: Python driver for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix databases. Uses the IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI APIs to connect to IBM DB2 and Informix.
    • ibm_db_dbi: Python driver for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix databases that complies to the DB-API 2.0 specification. Checkout the README for getting started with ibm_db and ibm_db_dbi
  2. The ibm_db_django: Django adapter for IBM DB2 databases. Supports latest Django versions and Django on Jython as well. Checkout the README for using DB2 with Django

  3. The ibm_db_sa: SQLAlchemy adapter for IBM DB2 and IBM Informix databases. Supports SQLAlchemy 0.7.3 and above. Checkout the README to get you started

  4. The ibm_db_alembic: Alembic adaptor for IBM DB2 databases. Supports Alembic-0.6.5 and above

Additional information is available in the README files provided in the Python Eggs and also the source repository. .


Use following pypi web location for downloading source code and binaries

  1. ibm_db: .
  2. ibm_db_django: .
  3. ibm_db_sa: .
  4. ibm_db_alembic: .

Latest Updates

Support for Alembic

Oct 29th 2014: IBM DB2 backend support in Alembic application is now available to the community. Right now it is in beta stage.

Support for Django

Mar 23th 2017: New Release of IBM_DB_DJANGO ( with Python3.x support made.

Support for SQLAlchemy

Aug 30th 2016: New Release of IBM_DB_SA (0.3.3) made.

Updated ibm_db

Dec 11th 2017: A new release 2.0.8 of ibm_db and ibm_db_dbi.

Support for Django on Jython

ibm_db_django supports Django on Jython (on Jython-Django v1.0.x and v1.1.x are supported).


Contributing to the ibm_db python project


The developer sign-off should include the reference to the DCO in remarks(example below):
DCO 1.1 Signed-off-by: Random J Developer <>