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Emerging Technology Workshops

The Emerging Technology team has over 20 years experience working with clients to bridge the gap between new technology, mainstream software products and business problems. One way we do this is by running client workshops.

There's typically three styles of workshop we run: design, hackday or sprint.

Design Workshops

A one or two day workshop where we take a specific user problem and design a solution or a set of solutions to it. We use IBM's Design Thinking process to understand user needs, map out the the task the user is attempting and come up with solutions that meet that need.

A design workshop is completely focussed around users. It will be a hands-on session that encourages full participation and input from everyone taking part. Read More

Hackday Workshops

A one or two day workshop where we take a particular technology or data set and develop prototypes with them. Hackday workshops tend to be more focussed on the technology or data than users or problem. They are a good way of quickly (and cheaply) testing if a particular technology has potential. Read More

Sprint Workshops

The workshop is over two days, but with a three day gap between for prototype development to take place. The first day is a design session for the client and Emerging Technology developers to define the problem, technology and prototype that will be built. The developers will then spend three days building the prototype for a playback with the client on day five. Ideally the playback will be done in person, but it can be done virtually if necessary. Read More