A PHP client library for the IBM Object Storage service on Bluemix
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Provides a simple PHP library for the last version of the OpenStack API. The goal of this component is to simplify the usage of the OpenStack API for PHP developers, providing simple OO interfaces.

Release notes

This component is still in development, please don't use it in a production environment. It uses the ZendService_Api component to manage the HTTP API calls to the OpenStack services.

The development state of each sub-components is reported below:

- BlockStorage [COMPLETED]
- Compute [COMPLETED]
- Identity [COMPLETED]
- ObjectStorage [COMPLETED]
- Networking [TO DO]
- Image [TO DO]

We tested the API using the RackSpace cloud services. We would like to test it using TryStack.org (we are waiting fo the API support). If you are using a different cloud services that support OpenStack please test this component against it. In order to execute the online test you need to edit the TestConfiguration.php.dist file under the tests folder and change the authentication constants with your account information. You can run the tests executing the following command under the tests folder:

phpunit ZendService/OpenStack


You can install using:

curl -s https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
php composer.phar install