Let's Encrypt wrapper for Cloud Foundry apps on IBM Bluemix
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lmsurpre issue #18 - revert README updates because any python version should work
it turns out that any python version should work for invoking setup-app.py

i also added a runtime.txt to ask the CF buildpack to use python3 (just for good measure)
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A script for configuring Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for CloudFoundry apps on IBM Cloud (formerly known as Bluemix).

Using the --path argument of the cf map-route command, you can configure a specific path to be directed to a separate app. The benefit, in this situation, is that you can automate the configuration of SSL certificates for your custom domain applications by running the letsencrypt certbot code in a separate instance without disrupting your application.

   map-route - Add a url route to an app

   cf map-route APP_NAME DOMAIN [--hostname HOSTNAME] [--path PATH]

   cf map-route my-app example.com                              # example.com
   cf map-route my-app example.com --hostname myhost            # myhost.example.com
   cf map-route my-app example.com --hostname myhost --path foo # myhost.example.com/foo

   --hostname, -n   Hostname for the route (required for shared domains)
   --path           Path for the route

Firstly you must have the Bluemix CLI installed, custom domains created, DNS configured, and know your cloud foundry org and space.

Once ready:

  1. download/clone this repo

  2. install the requests and pyyaml packages (e.g. pip install requests pyyaml)

  3. rename domains.json.example to domains.json and edit it:

    • enter your email address (e.g. for certificate renewal reminders)
    • enter your custom domain name and its corresponding hostnames

    Each [host].[domain] combination will become a separate DNS name in the SAN field of the requested certificate. Set the first host value to '.' to set the Subject Common Name to the name of the domain.

    Note: During testing, please set staging to true in order to keep load off the production Let's Encrypt environment and reduce the chance of hitting their rate limits (https://letsencrypt.org/docs/staging-environment/).

  4. Log in to Bluemix (e.g. bx login), set your target org and space (e.g. bx target --cf -o your_org -s dev), and finally run python setup-app.py. It will:

    1. push the cf-letsencrypt application
    2. map the routes needed for Let's Encrypt to verify that you own the domain
    3. initiate and complete the Let's Encrypt ACME protocol for obtaining a certificate
    4. download the resulting certificate files, and
    5. upload it into IBM Cloud for your custom domain