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IBM Security

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IBM SOAR Community Applications

This repository contains the source-code for packaged IBM SOAR Apps.

Many of these apps are available for download from IBM Security App Exchange. This source code repository may include unpublished versions and additional apps that are not published to App Exchange. In that scenario you will need to build and install them yourself.

Developing New Apps

Developing new apps is straightforward using the IBM SOAR SDK.

  • A good introduction can be found on the IBM SOAR App Developer Guide. On this web page, select your SOAR platform version. On the follow-on page, you can find the App Developer’s Guide by expanding Apps in the Table of Contents pane.
  • For more advanced documentation on our APIs and available Python libraries, visit our Python Docs.

For questions and discussion, head over to the IBM SOAR Community where you'll find blogs, technotes, discussion forums and other useful resources.


Unless otherwise specified, contents of this repository are published under the MIT open-source license.

Files and subdirectories within this repository may contain specific licenses that apply individually to that item.


Applications published to the IBM Security App Exchange have support contact information displayed there. If you have questions or issues with a published application, you should start there.

Otherwise, please report issues using the Issues tab on GitHub.

Contributions are welcome. Please read the CONTRIBUTING guidelines for more about the process.

Open Source @ IBM

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