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Maker Kits are a collection of DIY open source templates to build things with IBM AI services in a fun and easy way. IBM TJBot is the first maker kit in the collection. You can 3D print or laser cut the robot body, then use one of our recipes to bring him to life!

In addition, you can unleash your own creativity and create new recipes that bring TJBot to life using any of the available IBM AI services!

TJBot only works with a Raspberry Pi.

Build TJBot

You can make your own TJBot in a number of ways.

  • 3d Print or Laser Cut. If you have access to a 3D printer or laser cutter, you can print/cut TJBot yourself. Begin by downloading the design files and firing up your printer/cutter.
  • TJBot Full Kit. You can order a full TJBot kit with the laser cut cardboard and all the electronics from Sparkfun, Adafruit, or Robotkingdom.
  • TJBot Cardboard Kit. You can purchase the TJBot laser cut cardboard from Texas Laser Creations.


There are a number of components you can add to TJBot to bring him to life. Not all of these are required for all recipes.


Once you have obtained your TJBot, please refer to the assembly instructions to put it all together.

For reference, here is the wiring diagram to hook up the LED and servo to your Raspberry Pi.

💡 Be careful when connecting the LED! If it is connected the wrong way, you may end up burning it out. The LED has a flat notch on one side; use this to orient the LED and figure out which pin is which.

For the servo, note that the red (middle) wire is 5v, the brown wire is ground, and the orange wire is data.

Bring TJBot to Life

First, make sure you have configured your Raspberry Pi for TJBot. Just run that command to download and install TJBot:

curl -sL | sudo sh -

Recipes are step-by-step instructions to bring your TJBot to life with IBM Watson and AI services

We have provided three initial recipes for you:

After checking out our sample recipes, we encourage you to take a look at featured recipes created by members of our community.

Contribute to TJBot

TJBot is an open source project designed to make it fun and easy to interact with Watson. We’d love to see what you can make with him!

If you would like your own recipe included in our featured recipe list, please open an issue with a link to your repository and a demo video.

About TJBot

TJBot was affectionately named after Thomas J. Watson, the first Chairman and CEO of IBM. TJBot was created by Maryam Ashoori at IBM Research as an experiment to find the best practices in the design and implementation of cognitive objects. He was born on November 9, 2016 via this blog post.


This project uses the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.

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