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Featured Recipes

Featured recipes are exciting recipes created by members of the TJBot community.

If you would like your own recipe included in our featured recipe list, please open an issue with a link to your repository and a demo video.


  • TJBot Swift Playground Follow the adventures of Tinker, the virtual TJBot, in his quest to transform into a real, live TJBot! This is an interactive Swift Playground for iOS that allows you to program TJBot – both virtual and physical – in the Swift programming language. This playground does not require an actual TJBot to use, but if you would like to program your TJBot, it requires installation of the TJBot Daemon on your TJBot.

TJBot Swift Playground

  • TJBot Daemon. Node.js application that listens for TJBot commands via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This application was developed for use by the TJBot Swift Playground to listen for commands via BLE, but it can be used for other applications as well.

Expressing Emotions

Build a TJBot That Cares

  • Conflict resolution TJBot for kids

Conflict resolution TJBot for kids

  • Twitter Wave by Justin Weisz. This recipe is an enhancement of the Sentiment Analysis recipe included in TJBot. This recipe adds options for TJBot to wave and announce when the sentiment for a topic changes.

Reporting Weather, Time, News, Sports

TJ Weather

  • weatherbot by Dale Lane. Making #TJBot into weatherbot. The angle of his arm shows you forecasted tempreture and his head lights up if it will rain!


Tell the Time

  • Thomas: A TJBot News Grabber by Tanmay Bakshi. Build a chatbot that can report the news. It uses Discovery, Conversation, Natural Language Understanding, Knowledge Studio, Speech to Text, and Text to Speech.

News grabber

  • SportsBuddy Use the SportsBuddy to chat about your favorite MLB team and receive news and standings using Twilio.


Voice Assistant

Personal Health Assistant

Thomas by Guilherme Goncalves. Interact with TJBot in your own language, a voice based assistant fully customizable with a second screen.


Extend TJBot With New Hardware


Here are some more driving experiements from TJBot friends! BatBot


  • Distance-bot by Nguyen Van Duy. Make your TJbot speak up based on distance with objects near by using hc-sr04 sensor and Watson service.

Distance-bot Video

  • TJBot with legs

TJBot with legs



  • Singing Fish


Node-RED Essentials

Controling Devices/Tools with TJBot

TJBot can control electrical devices

Control a lamp with TJBot

  • Control another lamp with TJBot

Control another lamp with TJBot

Run a million volt Tesla coil

TJ Calendar

Control TV with TJBot

Vision Recognition



  • TJBot-Visual by Gwilym Newton. Connecting Conversation to Visual Recognition and make your TJbot see and recognize the world.


  • StockPots by StuartArnell. A simple TJBot application that recognises, and converses on, different Knorr Stockpots based on Watson Cognitive capabilities.


Speaking other languages







  • TJBot Heptathalon by Ron Mauer. Leverages IBM Watson Cognitive Services including - Conversation, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Language Translator, Discovery, Tone Analyzer and Visual Recognition.

TJBot Heptathalon


  • TJDashboard by Victor Dibia. Web interface to visualize underlying processes on TJBot.

  • SwiftyTJ by Justin Weisz. This recipe enables TJBot’s LED to be controlled from a Swift program.

  • TJDJ by Victor Dibia. Fun speech-based app to get TJBot playing (and dancing to) song snippets using Watson Apis and the Spotify api.

  • Project Intu by Watson Intu. Project Intu is an experimental service that allows developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate various cognitive services, such as Conversation and Speech-to-Text, with the capabilities of various devices, spaces and physical objects. While not being a recipe, Intu is a middleware that can be installed on TJBot and used to architect more complex interactions for your robot. Learn more about Project Intu.