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Recipes are step by step instructions to help you connect your TJBot to Watson.

The recipes are designed to be run on a Raspberry Pi. You can either run one of our sample recipes below, or create your own recipe that brings your ideas to life using Watson!

Speech to Text

Use your voice to control TJBot's LED with Watson [instructables]

This receipe lets you control the 8mm NeoPixel RGB led using voice commands. It uses the Watson Speech to Text API.

link to a full video for use voice to control LED

Sentiment Analysis

Make TJBot respond to emotions with Watson [instructables]

This recipe shines TJBot's 8mm NeoPixel RGB LED different colors based on the emotions present in Twitter for a given keyword. It uses Watson Tone Analyzer and the Twitter API.


Build a talking robot with Watson [instructables]

This recipe demonstrates how to use the Watson Speech to Text, Watson Text to Speech, and Watson Assistant services to build a talking chatbot.

Featured Recipes

Check out the featured TJBot recipes created by members of our community.

Contributing Your Own Recipes

TJBot is an open source project designed to make it fun and easy to interact with Watson.

If you would like your own recipe included in our featured recipe list, please open an issue and provide a link to your repository and a demo video.

For guidelines on contributing to the TJBot project, please refer to the contribution guide.

We can't wait to see what you make with TJBot!