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Custom Name Picker with Advanced Search

1. Overview

This is a sample code for Custom Name Picker in IBM Verse on-Cloud and on-Premise.

Custom Name Picker works with an extension point "" in IBM Verse. The sample code is written with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Files should be located in on-Premise Domino Server. The sample code retrieves employee information from Domino Directory through iNotes XML API.

System design

2. Configure on-Premise Domino Server

Custom Name Picker connects to an on-Premise Domino Server by means of HTTPS. Domino Web server must be running. HTTPS must be configured.

3. Extend Domino Directory

To get employee information, a new view needs to be added to Domino Directory. Please add the following view to a Domino Directory by using Domino Designer, then create a full-text index of the Domino Directory.

Design element Detail
View name ($CustomNamePicker_Search)
Selection Formula SELECT (Type = "Person" | Type = "Group") & @IsUnavailable($Conflict) & (!@IsAvailable($AutoCreatedList) | !@UpperCase($AutoCreatedList) = "DIP")
Column #1 Title MAMailAddress
Programmatic name MAMailAddress
Formula @If(Type = "Person"; @If(MailSystem="100"; ""; MailAddress!=""; MailAddress; @Subset(FullName;1) != ""; @Subset(FullName; 1); @If(FirstName!=""; FirstName+" "+LastName; LastName ) ); Type = "Database"; @Subset(FullName; 1); Type = "Group" & (GroupType="0":"1"| @IsUnavailable(GroupType)); @Subset(ListName;1); "")
Column #2 Title AltFullName
Programmatic name AltFullName
Formula AltFullName
Column #3 Title AltFullNameSort
Programmatic name AltFullNameSort
Formula AltFullNameSort
Column #4 Title InternetAddress
Programmatic name InternetAddress
Formula @If(Type = "Person"; @If(MailSystem="100"; ""; InternetAddress); Type = "Database"; @Subset(FullName; 1); Type = "Group" & (GroupType="0":"1"| @IsUnavailable(GroupType)); @Subset(ListName;1); "")
Column #5 Title JobTitle
Programmatic name JobTitle
Formula JobTitle
Column #6 Title Department
Programmatic name Department
Formula Department
Column #7 Title Location
Programmatic name Location
Formula Location

4. Deploy Custom Name Picker files

The sample code for the Custom Name Picker is composed of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. These files need to be copied to a new directory "custom-name-picker" under the existing folder "domino\html" in Domino data directory.

  • index.html
  • ui.js
  • io.js
  • style.css
  • person.png

To use Custom Name Picker in Verse on-Premise, you need to add your on-Premise Verse server's host name here in ui.js.

var originsList = [

5. Register/Install the extension

  • To use Custom Name Picker in Verse on-Cloud and on-Premise on your personal client, register through Verse Developer browser extension. Please refer Tutorial.

  • To use Custom Name Picker for organization,

  • Use this "application.json" for registration. Replace the host name "" in the URL "" with your Domino server's host name.

    "name": "Custom name picker with advanced search",
    "title": "Custom name picker with advanced search",
    "description": "Add a custom name picker with advanced search which uses on-Premise Domino to find people, open mail compose and click To link to open this.",
    "extensions": [
        "type": "",
        "name": "Custom name picker with advanced search",
        "payload": {
          "url": ""
    "services": [

6. Test in stand-alone mode

  • Open Google Chrome and open Domino Directory (typically names.nsf) in the On-Prem Domino server. Make sure that Domino Web server is up and running.
  • Test HTTPS and HTTP access
  • Open Custom Name Picker and verify that it works.

7. Test with Chrome browser extension

  • Open Google Chrome and log on IBM Verse.
  • Click "Compose" to create a new message.
  • Click the "To" link to open Custom Name Picker.

UI Example

  • You can search people by Kanji name, phonetic name, or Notes name.
  • You can click the "Detail" button and search people by job title, department, location, and Internet address.
  • You can double-click on a name card to insert the name to recipient field.

8. License

MIT licensed