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Open HeNB Platform v1


A Home Node B, or HNB, is the 3GPP’s term for a 3G femtocell.

A Node B is an element of a 3G macro Radio Access Network, or RAN. A femtocell performs many of the function of a Node B, but is optimized for deployment in the home.

Femto Forum

The Femto Application Platform Interface (FAPI) is an initiative within the femto industry to encourage competition and innovation between suppliers of platform hardware, platform software and application software by providing a common API around which suppliers of each component can compete. In doing this, we imitate a long and distinguished engineering tradition of providing an “interchangeability of parts” to ensure that the systems vendors can take advantage of the latest innovations in silicon and software with the minimum of entry barrier, and the least amount of custom re-engineering.

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License GNU General Public License version 2

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CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP)



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