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@iboB iboB released this Apr 7, 2017 · 266 commits to master since this release

  • Dropped support for an obscure optimization feature which allowed for the same
    mixins and messages to be defined multiple times in multiple modules (i.e. in a
    static library linked to those modules)
  • Fixed bug with crashes when unloading and then reloading a plugin which
    defines a message.
  • Fixed various bugs with unused (which no mixin features) messages:
    • obj.implements(unused_msg) caused a crash
    • unused(obj ...) cause a crash (instead of exception)
    • Crash when only a plugin uses the message
  • Added (optional) mutation thread safety; in that mutating two different
    objects in two different threads is now safe.
  • Added optional additional metrics to object and mixin type data to show the
    number of objects and mixins, respectively, of a given type.
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