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Welcome to the CBA wiki!



  • Ruby 1.9.2
  • Rails 3.1.x
  • curl or download the install.rb through http, wget, or whatever you have

Quickstart with:

curl -o install_cba.rb

ruby install_cba.rb

You'll be asked for the directory to create. No need to mkdir before.

The install_cba.rb will do

  • Check if your environment fits the requirements
  • Aks you some parameters
  • Clones CBA from Github
  • Setup configuration files

Then you have to do:

  • Edit configurations files to fit your needs.
    • Make sure your configured SMTP-Settings will work before you sign up.
  • Start the engine rails server
  • Sign up your first user (will be 'admin' automatically)

If you'll run in troubles, please visit

Greetings Andreas Altendorfer, @Nickendell

A demo-server and the official website for this project is running at

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