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A configuration cache for Elixir, reading from `Application.get_env` and `System.get_env`
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Don't use ENV-settings for compile-time configuration. (Because it is hard to maintain your environment-settings for different deployments.

Imagine you want to build a Docker-image for your Phoenix-application and you use something like

   plug SomePlug, config_value: System.get_env("SOME_KEY")

plug is a macro and therefore, SOME_KEY gets evaluated at compile time. If SOME_KEY is customer-related, this setting get's burned into the image and may surprisingly pop up at the wrong customer's server.

The Exconfig-package will help you not to make this mistake. Just use Exconfig.get instead of all your Application.get_env and System.get_env calls. Because the cache-server of Exconfig will not run at compile-time you'll get a compile-error if you try to use System-envs from your busines-logic.


The application starts a GenServer and caches configuration at run time.

Loading configuration happens in two steps where each step overwrites eventually existing values from previous steps.

  • Application.get_env(:app, :key) default
  • System.get_env(:key) default

Once the value is cached it will be returned from the GenServer state rather than re-reading it from the environment again.

Using Exconfig.clear_cache!/0 will drop the cache and values will be loaded again if being accessed later.


iex> value = Exconfig.get(:my_app, :foo, "bar" )

Exconfig.get/3 will first lookup for :myapp/:foo in the Exconfig.Cache (a GenServer) and if not found load from Application, System, or returns the default.


Available in Hex. The package can be installed by adding Exconfig to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:exconfig, "~> 0.1.0"}

Documentation can be generated with mix docs (ExDoc) and is published at

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