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Jasmine Adapter for JsTestDriver




Create, or update, a jstestdriver.conf file (see wiki page for more info).

Update your jstestdriver.conf by prepending the jasmine library and the adapter's source files.

For example:

- "../jasmine/lib/jasmine-0.10.0.js"
- "../JasmineAdapter/src/*"
- "your_source_files.js"
- "your_test_files.js"

Copy and (included) to your working directory, for convenience.

# copy
cp /path/to/jasmine-jstestdriver-adapter/*.sh ./

First: run and supply -p, for port, and -j, path to jstestdriver.jar or follow the convention defined in the .sh scripts (see Caveats below).

Open up http://localhost:9876/capture (update for your port) in any browser.

Finally: run to test all tests (specs) included with the jstestdriver.conf. Optionally pass a -j and -t arguments to to set the path to jstestdriver.jar and any test you'd only like to run, respectively.

Directory Layout

  • src: The adapter source code. Intent is to match interface with interface.
  • src-test: The test files that verifies that the adapter works as intended.


jsTestDriver.conf and *.sh files

The files located in this repo assume that the parent folder has the jasmine source and a jstestdriver compiled available.

Update the paths, or pass arguments (as explained above), to reflect your own layout if you'd like to test the adapter.

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