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This request should eliminate the need to --reset (and hence re-load and re-parse all test files) on each test run. There seems to be some subtlety WRT to how plugins are loaded by jstd, so a --reset is needed the first run, but none should be necessary after that.

svelez added some commits Feb 8, 2012
@svelez svelez Cleaning up on test page reloads.
Track which source page each intercepted function call came from
so that when that source page is reloaded, due to a change, the
previously intercepted functions for that page can be released.

Then newly intercepted function calls will not look like duplicate
test cases.
@svelez svelez Improve intercept clean up.
Change how the intercepts for a page are tracked.  Hopefully, this
resetting of an array will be more efficient than the splicing that
was happening earlier.

I have not tested this patch yet but as I wrote in the issue 20, fix like this one is very desirable. Thanks.

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