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Sorry for the crappy name. Test is a CLI tester that uses Packager, Jasmine, and JsTestDriver all in one command.
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I know. It's not a fancy name, and it's very ambiguous. Test is inappropriate as well, since we're running Specs. So go figure.


This is really just a wrapper to js-test-driver and Packager. It's meant to add some sugar for testing and developing with MooTools.

Normally you have to pollute your repository with .conf files and copies of js-test-driver every where. Moreover, the source files have to be included and that becomes too tedious too quickly.

By the time that this goes out to production the goal is a one line execution to find out if your code is passing or failing from any directory.


Currently testing in Windows 7 with msysgit and PHP 5.3+ (although PHP 5.2+ is probably fine).

Getting Started

git clone mootools/test
mkdir jstestdriver
wget jstestdriver/
cd mootools/test
git submodule update --init

# optional (I'm assuming ~/bin is in your path)
ln -s lib/packager/packager ~/bin/packager

packager regsiter path/to/your/package.yml

Your package.yml should include your Specs (temporary workaround). For example from my mootools-extras.

name: "ibolmo"


  - "Source/Types/Object.js"
  - "Source/Element/Element.js"
  - "Specs/Types/Object.js"

Your Specs/Types/Object.js should provide the Spec (again a temporary workaround).


name: Specs.Object

requires: Object

provides: Specs.Object


describe('Object', function(){

Once the above is done then you can: (following the above example. Replace with your specs)

php test.php -p ibolmo/Specs.Object

You're told that no browser was captured (this is normal). Launch your favorite browser(s) and go to http://localhost:9876/capture.

Run again:

php test.php -p ibolmo/Specs.Object

Your spec should should run now and js-test-driver will report any errors.

DDD Notes (ignore if you're not contributing)

"-" prefix means that it lacks implementation.

Test packages

test -p ibolmo/Specs.Object
test -p Core/Specs.Core Core/Specs.Array

Stop the jstd server

test -s

Reset the server files

test -r

-Run the test in a particular browser

test -p ibolmo/Specs.Object -b path/to/chrome.exe
test -p ibolmo/Specs.Object -b path/to/chrome.exe -b path/to/firefox.exe

-Run a specific spec

test -p ibolmo/Specs.Object -t Object.set
test -p ibolmo/Specs.Object -t Object.set -t Object.get
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