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Olmo Maldonado

Ex-Googler, Full Stack Software Engineer, M.S. Electrical Engineer UCLA, Founded & Launched Tech Education Non-Profit Serving South Texas

You can see a PDF version here.


Founded Code RGV a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Nearly quarter of a million in donations, grants, and other fundraising. Have served over 1000 students across South Texas. In June we launched (boot) a tuition-free coding bootcamp backed by Texas Workforce Commission and Mission EDC. I'm the current Director and Instructor.


skill experience (years) skill experience (years)
PHP +10 JavaScript +10
CSS +10 HTML +10
Adobe Photoshop +10 REST APIs +8
Adobe Illustrator +7 Linux +7
Jasmine +5 BDD/TDD +5
MySQL +5 Python +3
Node.JS +3 Laravel +2
ExpressJS +2 React.JS +1
MongoDB +2


(boot) Coding School

Founder, Director, Instructor 2016 - Present (6 months)

Fundraised, launched, developed a Full Stack Web Developer curriculum, and taught for the (boot) Coding School program of Code RGV a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All of the curriculum has been recorded will be available online at the conclusion of the program for other non-profits, public schools, and developers to use.

IDEA Public Schools

Technology High School Teacher 2015 - 2016 (5 months) Developed and taught Mobile App Development using Ionic for 300 high school students (9th and 12th grade). Only taught for half of a school year due to launching (boot) Coding School.

Code RGV

Founder, Board Member 2014 - Present (over 2 years)

Founded alongside 3 other community members in the interest of providing hands on experience and training with the technology that is used in the industry. Responsibilities include being Chairman of the board, vision and management of the company, developing funding and partnership opportunities, and managing the Code#RGV Academy and its volunteer teachers. Formation of a non-profit corporation and application of 501(c)(3) exemption status.

GMG Agency

CTO, COO, Software Engineer 2009 - 2015 (over 5 years)

Lead design and architect for front and backend facing applications and infrastructure (audit, IT, support, training, and sales tools). As VP: recruitment, vision, mission control, and corporate culture development.


Software Engineering Intern 2009 (4 months)

Worked in the Google Photos team to develop an online photo editing software. My internship was extended at the request of my team (a rare occassion). My role consisted of designing the system architecture, providing sensible timelines, and collaboration between local and remote teams to accomplish goals. Today, my code is still being used by millions of users online.

Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS)

Graduate Student Researcher 2008 - Present (over 8 years)

Citizen campaign (mobile app) development, analytics management system, and mentorship for students.


Developer 2007 - Present (over 9 years)

As a developer my responsibilities are to optimize code, implement new features and plug-ins, and to support and administer users on the forums. MooTools is the first real Object Oriented JavaScript framework with the ideology to maintain a DRY code so that it's simple, fast, and clean. (

University of Texas at San Antonio (Research Assistant)

Undergraduate Student Researcher 2003 - Present (over 13 years) Designed and assembled five workstations which run experiments and their respective websites for students to use. Also in this experience, I learned C++ and PHP as the background and planning phase of the REMOTE project.

In addition, this assistantship allowed me to learn MATLAB and work with graduate level control system models so that I could successfully implement reset models for the different experiments.


University of California Los Angeles · 2009

M.S., Electrical Engineering

Created Cametrics, a real-time citizen campaign data aggregator for Center of Embedded Network Sensors (CENS) citizen campaigns. Cametrics is implemented in Python using the Google App Engine platform.

University of Texas San Antonio · 2007

B.S., Electrical Engineering

Developed the REMOTE Project, a web client for students to use laboratory experiments in the convenience of the home. Using various TCP listening tools and developing a TCP dump visualization/comparison I reversed engineered the server/client relationship of a proprietary protocol.


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