Lightweight iBoxDB Full Text Search Server for C#
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Lightweight Full Text Search Server for CSharp


Download Project / git clone
cd FTServer
dotnet run -c Release





The Results Order

the results order based on the ID number in IndexTextNoTran(.. long id, ...), descending order.

every page has two index-IDs, normal-id and rankup-id, the rankup-id is a big number and used to keep the important text on the top. (the front results from SearchDistinct(IBox, String) )

Engine.IndexTextNoTran(..., p.Id, p.Content, ...);
Engine.IndexTextNoTran(..., p.RankUpId(), p.RankUpDescription(), ...);

the RankUpId()

public long RankUpId()
    return id | (1L << 60);

if you have more more important text , you can add one more index-id

public long AdvertisingId()
    return id | (1L << 61);
public static long RankDownId(long id)
    return id & (~(1L << 60 | 1L << 61)) ;
public static bool IsAdvertisingId(long id)
    return id > (1L << 61) ;

the Page.GetRandomContent() method is used to keep the Search-Page-Content always changing, doesn't affect the real page order.

if you have many pages(>100,000), use the ID number to control the order instead of loading all pages to memory.

Search Format

[Word1 Word2 Word3] => text has Word1 and Word2 and Word3

["Word1 Word2 Word3"] => text has "Word1 Word2 Word3" as a whole

Search Method

searchDistinct (... String keywords, long startId, long count)

startId => which ID(the id when you called IndexText(,id,text)) to start, use (startId=Long.MaxValue) to read from the top, descending order

count => records to read, important parameter, the search speed depends on this parameter, not how big the data is.

Next Page

set the startId as the last id from the results of searchDistinct() minus one

keywords = function(searchDistinct(box, "keywords", startId, count));
nextpage_startId = keywords[last].ID - 1 
//read next page
searchDistinct(box, "keywords", nextpage_startId, count)

mostly, the nextpage_startId is posted from client browser when user reached the end of webpage, and set the default nextpage_startId=Long.MaxValue, in javascript the big number have to write as String ("'" + nextpage_startId + "'")

The Page-Text and the Text-Index -Process flow

When Insert

1.insert page --> 2.insert index

DB.Insert ("Page", page);
Engine.IndexTextNoTran( IsRemove = false );

When Delete

1.delete index --> 2.delete page

Engine.IndexTextNoTran( IsRemove = true );
DB.Delete("Page", page.Id);


indexText(IBox, id, String, bool) // faster, more memories

indexTextNoTran(AutoBox, commitCount, id, String, bool) // less memory


Ubuntu 18.04 + Visual Studio Code + ASP.NET Core


Transplant from Full Text Search Java JSP Version