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Tasks and

This directory is for coordination of Work Package 2.2 (BIM).

Next meeting
Telefone conference on October, 15th 2019 at 17:00 (CEST).

You are invited to a DFNconf Meeting:

Meeting Room Name: IBPSA Project 1 - WP2.2 Meeting Room Number: 97980506

In order to join the meeting you can select one of the alternatives:

  1. With your Browser under Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux:

  2. With a SIP/H.323 room system or SIP/H.323 software client:

    H.323: 004910097980506 SIP:

  3. With a telephone (audio only): Call 0049 30 200 97980506

  4. Via Skype for Business:

  5. Using a mobile smart phone. You have to install the Pexip App beforehand:

    Android: iOS:

    Please Enter:

Please wait for your host to join the meeting room.

For a connection test look at following website:

See our Privacy Policy to learn about your personal data and all your related rights and obligations:

Link list

Internal links
Tasks and definitions

External links
Working directory for code (for adding as contributor, please contact

Process chart
The process chart is saved as .bpmn file (Business Process Model and Notation). It can be uploaded and edited using the following webpage:

List of IFC issues
To be extended and specified

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