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Tagalog (Baybayin) keyboard layout for Macs
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Tagalog (Baybayin) keyboard layout for Macs

Here's a layout for the Tagalog (Baybayin, also known incorrectly as Alibata) keyboard. Extract and move the two files to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/, then go to System Preferences/Keyboardi/Input Sources, click the +, select Others, select Tagalog, and click Add.

I tried to follow Paul Morrow's font convention as closely as possible, but I kept the punctuation marks and digits and moved the Spanish kudlit/virama consonants under Alt/Option (you can still hit Alt-= to get the virama separately).

Has Ra as U+170D (per Paul Morrow fonts) and Shift-Ra as U+172D (per current Baybayin Modern Fonts by Nordenx). Alt-, maps to the single vertical bar, and Alt-. to the double bar. Default X maps to k+s. Function keys and Option commands (e.g. Copy, Paste) should work.

Please use Ukelele to view/edit the keyboard layout.

Download here. Enjoy!

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