A homebrew web browser for the Nintendo Wii.
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WorldWiideWeb aims to be a homebrew web browser for the Wii.

Why a homebrew web browser? Isn't Opera good enough?

Well, Opera isn't free anymore, so not everyone has access to it. And Opera, while very nice for most tasks, has one critical flaw - it doesn't let you download files. This would be very handy for someone who is dabbling in homebrew on the Wii, because it removes the step of sticking the SD card into a PC to download homebrew.

Wait, doesn't the Homebrew Browser let you download homebrew from your Wii?

Yes, but there are a few problems here. While I absolutely love the Homebrew Browser, and think it's probably THE homebrew software I would install on my Wii if I could only install one thing (haha, cheating), it relies on one person to update it, and obviously teknecal, though he is quite wonderful, he can't update it instantly. If we could download homebrew directly, it would be much easier.

Is that the only reason this exists?

No, I also just think it'd be a fun project to do. To be honest, I'd like to do something significant for the homebrew community, and I don't think I'd be good at designing a game so I'm applying my skills to something else.

What kind of rendering quality can we expect?

Since I've already outlined my goals for this project, which are primarily to get something working that can download files easily, the rendering engine will be very basic. I wouldn't expect much, if any, CSS support. Of course, if there is a fairly portable rendering engine that I can use, I might try to port it later, but not until the initial work is done.

When will this be released?

Following in the footsteps of many great software developers before me: When it's ready!