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This repo contains select publications related to open source.
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5 Steps Compliance Process.pdf
Achieving Compliance in Enterprise.pdf
Adopting an Open Source Approach.pdf
Assessment of Open Source Practices in M&A.pdf
Avice to Scale Open Source Legal Support.pdf
Compliance Process Best Practices.pdf
Compliance R&R.pdf
Determining Openness of open source projects.pdf
Enterprise Open Source.pdf
Establishing Compliance Program.pdf
Good and Bad Reasons to Open Source Your Software.pdf
Guide to Open Source AI.pdf
Improving Open Source Dev Impact.pdf
OSS Compliance Basics.pdf
Open Source Audits in M&A.pdf
Open Source Compliance Ebook.pdf
Open Source Development Model .pdf
Open Source Development Model.pdf
Open Source Program Offices.pdf
Open Source Strategy Paper.pdf
Open Sourcing Proprietary Technology.pdf
Publishing Code for Compliance Purposes.pdf
Recommended Open Source Compliance Practices.pdf
Releasing Proprietary Source Code.pdf
Unofficial Howto to open sourcing .pdf
Working With Upstream Projects.pdf
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