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Log database query sql in Laravel Application, support Guard,Auth to multiple file record
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Laravel Database Logger

A simple database logger for Laravel application, support Guard,Auth to multiple file record.

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  1. Log files support anonymous or guard types.
  2. Record auth uesrs.
  3. Record request url
  4. Support record specifying SQL statement(SELECT,INSET INTO,UPDATE,DELETE,ALTER TABLE etc.)
  5. Record slow logs separately.


composer require ibrand/laravel-database-logger:~1.0 -vvv

Below Laravel5.5 version

In config/app.php 'providers' region add


Publish config file.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="iBrand\DatabaseLogger\ServiceProvider" 


Enable in .env or config file.

Set log_queries=>true in config/ibrand/dblogger.php file. or set DB_LOG_QUERIES = true in .env file.

use databaselogger middleware

Route::get('test', 'Controller@index')->middleware('databaselogger');

For more middleware users see the document.



snapshot_1515552729718.png snapshot_1515552729719.png snapshot_1515552729720.png


If you find any bug or problem please raise the issue here.

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