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e-commerce shopping cart for laravel application.
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本包是基于 overtrue/laravel-shopping-cart 进行扩展开发,主要实现了以下扩展:

  1. 购物车数据支持 Database 存储
  2. Item 增加 Model 属性返回。因为购物车可能是SPU或者SKU,因此直接通过 model 属性直接返回相关对象。
  3. 支持多 Guard. 因为在 iBrand 产品有商城购物车和导购购物车。

已经完成了 Session 和 Database 模式下的单元测试,而且正在 iBrand 产品线上使用中. 可放心使用.


composer require ibrand/laravel-shopping-cart:~1.0 -vvv
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="iBrand\Shoppingcart\ServiceProvider"

低于 Laravel5.5 版本

config/app.php 文件中 'providers' 添加


config/app.php 文件中 'aliases' 添加

'Cart'=> iBrand\Shoppingcart\Facade::class


Select Storage

You can change data Storage in config/ibrand/cart.php file.

'storage' => \iBrand\Shoppingcart\Storage\DatabaseStorage::class,
'storage' => \iBrand\Shoppingcart\Storage\SessionStorage::class,

If you use Database Storage, you need to execute php artisan migrate

Add item to cart

Add a new item.

Item | null Cart::add(
                    string | int $id,
                    string $name,
                    int $quantity,
                    int | float $price
                    [, array $attributes = []]


$row = Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 5, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
// Item:
//    id       => 37
//    name     => 'Item name'
//    qty      => 5
//    price    => 100.00
//    color    => 'red'
//    size     => 'M'
//    total    => 500.00
//    __raw_id => '8a48aa7c8e5202841ddaf767bb4d10da'
$rawId = $row->rawId();// get __raw_id
$row->qty; // 5

Update item

Update the specified item.

Item Cart::update(string $rawId, int $quantity);
Item Cart::update(string $rawId, array $arrtibutes);


Cart::update('8a48aa7c8e5202841ddaf767bb4d10da', ['name' => 'New item name');
// or only update quantity
Cart::update('8a48aa7c8e5202841ddaf767bb4d10da', 5);

Get all items

Get all the items.

Collection Cart::all();


$items = Cart::all();

Get item

Get the specified item.

Item Cart::get(string $rawId);


$item = Cart::get('8a48aa7c8e5202841ddaf767bb4d10da');

Remove item

Remove the specified item by raw ID.

boolean Cart::remove(string $rawId);



Destroy cart

Clean Shopping Cart.

boolean Cart::destroy();
boolean Cart::clean(); // alias of destroy();


Cart::destroy();// or Cart::clean();

Total price

Returns the total of all items.

int | float Cart::total(); // alias of totalPrice();
int | float Cart::totalPrice();


$total = Cart::total();
// or
$total = Cart::totalPrice();

Count rows

Return the number of rows.

int Cart::countRows();


Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 5, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 1, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 5, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
Cart::add(127, 'foobar', 15, 100.00, ['color' => 'green', 'size' => 'S']);
$rows = Cart::countRows(); // 2

Count quantity

Returns the quantity of all items

int Cart::count($totalItems = true);

$totalItems : When false,will return the number of rows.


Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 5, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 1, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
Cart::add(37, 'Item name', 5, 100.00, ['color' => 'red', 'size' => 'M']);
$count = Cart::count(); // 11 (5+1+5)

Search items

Search items by property.

Collection Cart::search(array $conditions);


$items = Cart::search(['color' => 'red']);
$items = Cart::search(['name' => 'Item name']);
$items = Cart::search(['qty' => 10]);

Check empty

bool Cart::isEmpty();

Specifies the associated model

Specifies the associated model of item.

Cart Cart::associate(string $modelName);


$item = Cart::get('8a48aa7c8e5202841ddaf767bb4d10da');
$item->product->name; // $item->product is instanceof 'App\Models\Product'

The Collection And Item

Collection and Overtrue\LaravelShoppingCart\Item are instanceof Illuminate\Support\Collection, Usage Refer to:Collections - Laravel doc.

properties of Overtrue\LaravelShoppingCart\Item:

  • id - your goods item ID.
  • name - Name of item.
  • qty - Quantity of item.
  • price - Unit price of item.
  • total - Total price of item.
  • __raw_id - Unique ID of row.
  • __model - Name of item associated Model.
  • ... custom attributes.

And methods:

  • rawId() - Return the raw ID of item.


Event Name Parameters
cart.adding ($attributes, $cart);
cart.added ($attributes, $cart);
cart.updating ($row, $cart);
cart.updated ($row, $cart);
cart.removing ($row, $cart);
cart.removed ($row, $cart);
cart.destroying ($cart);
cart.destroyed ($cart);

You can easily handle these events, for example:

Event::on('cart.adding', function($attributes, $cart){
    // code
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