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A GUI for managing SCSI Devices in your Linux system with Truecrypt support.
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A GUI for managing hotplug storage devices (SATA, USB, SCSI, ...) in your Linux system with Truecrypt support.


Successful Device Removal

Successful Device Removal

Available Actions for a Device

Available Actions for a Device

Status Tooltip for Each Block Device

Status Tooltip for Each Block Device


Its creation was motivated by the need to hot-unplug (e)SATA hard disks from the running system. Recent Linux distributions support this (via a GUI) for USB devices but not for SATA devices directly, afaik (the author). Please tell me, if I'm wrong, or if this is not supported by the kernel at all.

Device removal preparation follows [a guide from Redhat] 1. Except for LVM, md or multipath setups - to keep it simple for the beginning.


Clone the git repository somewhere on your disk:

$ git clone

The GUI is invoked like so (dots are important!):

$ cd dfmon
$ PYTHONPATH=. ./bin/dfmon


  • Python
  • Qt
  • PyQt

Tested on Ubuntu 11, OpenSuse 12, Fedora 16


$ sudo apt-get install python-qt4


$ su
# yum install PyQt4


If you use the KDE Desktop, PyQt is already installed, but it won't hurt:

$ su
# zypper install python-qt4

Personal Note

This tiny project serves also for getting familiar with python itself. Hence, feel free to point me at problems, give suggestions or provide patches ;)


Qt dependencies are restricted to dfmon.uiqt. dfmon.uicmd as well as dfmon.backend are free of Qt. Therefore, it should be possible to write a different GUI, if desired.

Copyright (c) 2010-2011, Ingo Breßler

This is Free Software distributed under the terms of the GPL license. See the COPYING file for license rights and limitations.

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